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Puppy Explorer Camp

Boarding for puppies ages 10 weeks to 5 months

Care by a certified professional trainer in our own home
with a maximum of 3 campers at a time

Located on 2 1/3 wooded acres on a quiet cul-de-sac adjacent to a private watershed, your puppy will truly feel like he or she is at summer camp.

Daily activities include sniff walks through the woods, where your puppy might see horses or sheep on the neighboring farm or a white-tailed deer in the distance. During these walks, your puppy gets the opportunity to take in all of the interesting smells, which provides mental enrichment and increases relaxation. Two large fenced yards with a mix of shaded areas and open space for running provide ample opportunity for play time and exercise. 

Meals are provided through food dispensing toys/puzzles and campers receive stuffed or frozen treats to help them settle for rest periods. Campers sleep overnight in adjacent crates monitored by camera, or if they are the only camper, in a crate in our bedroom so they never feel isolated.

Camper Eligibility

  • For puppies ages 10 weeks to 5 months (existing clients who age out may qualify for our Teen Adventure Camp)

  • Able to sleep overnight in a crate, and crate quietly for up to 3 hours with people/dogs present

  • Dog social

  • Attend an 'Overnighter' (acclimation/trial stay) to determine if they are suitable for camp stays


Puppy Explorer Camp: $95/full day, $45/half day

Overnighter: $95

Latestay: $45

Note: Our camp programs do include reinforcement of good behavior throughout the day by a certified professional dog trainer (skills like sitting politely for greetings/leash, loose leash walking, dropping toys when asked, waiting for meals, etc.), but Summer School* is only available on a very limited basis. If you think you would prefer Summer School, please let us know - we are happy to discuss further and/or provide alternate recommendations.


*A board and train program with formal training sessions each day

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